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Whats Cairo Derma?

Cairo derma is a biannual congress which was named before the Zagazig International conference of Dermatology. The congress this year carries a lot of new things to the dermatology world through the participation of many dermatologists from all over the world.

Plenary lectures, symposia and workshops will be on daily basis through the four full days of the congress and they will cover the main dermatological, cosmeceuticals and Laser topics which make it a very beneficial event as always. This meeting will cover the following;

·         Why this venue is chosen again?

·         Speakers from USA and Europe.

·         Speakers from the Arab world.

·         Speakers from Egypt.

·         Social program

·         Participation of pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals and laser companies.

·         Registration of participants and guests.

·         Sponsorship of congress.

Finally we hope to hear your feedback in 3 weeks from this meeting to arrange for such a congress.


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