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Cosmetic dermatology might be defined as that aspect of the practice of dermatology that emphasizes “lookin’ good.” While cutaneous medicine and surgery focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of skin disease, there is a significant aspect of the specialty directed towards improving the patient’s appearance. This concept is illustrated by two patients: 1. th ...
The “aging face” is basically determined by five factors: 1. Intrinsic aging factor (or chronological aging) 2. Sleep lines factor 3. Expression lines factor 4. Gravity factor 5. Photoaging factor This last factor is responsible for most of the skin alterations: loss of skin elasticity, fine lines, mottled pigmentation, broken blood vessels, enlarged pores, skin texture alterat ...
Hair and nails, just as the skin, can turn various colors, depending upon a variety of internal or external factors.  Some examples follow:   Blue Ingestion of dapsone to excess – methemoglobinemia Ingestion of minocycline to excess Ingestion of silver salts turning the skin slate-gray – argyria Brown Escherichia coli infection of the nails Nicotine stains of the skin Green ...
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